Morgan Lee is the proud daughter of two Army parents, the granddaughter of a Navy Veteran, and the Great Granddaughter of a 10 Star Navy Lieutenant in the Starfleet command. She is in the business world with as much fervor as she is the dance world. Her skill varies greatly from jazz to ballet to hip hop to burlesque. In member videos, she teaches Jo how to work up a sweat without apology with the help of some burlesque props and hot music! You may learn more about Morgan aka Lucy Lipstick at Her Website (Here) or her Instagram (Here). Many great thanks to Jenny Sowden, Artistic Director at Brooklyn Swings (Here) in New York, for supporting! Like their Facebook page (Here) to say thank you for supporting the mission!




Lori Morrison  aids in reconnecting people  to themselves after major life transitions or traumas. After experiencing warfare and the death of her husband she had a dramatic spiritual awakening where many people thought her as crazy and readily applied labels to her experience that did not serve to clarify her experience. Or, what to do with it. Since then, she has worked with many of the world’s most recognized spiritual teachers. She combines her skills as a coach, spiritual counselor, healer and psychic intuitive with her successful practice in Sedona, Arizona where she works with clients from all over the world. She is especially gifted in supporting those who have experienced trauma and grief and other debilitating life experiences and has dedicated herself to the use of alternative methods and ancient wisdom as a complement to reducing the reliance on anti-psychotic drugs. Lori successfully facilitates the shifting of perspective from complete mental illness and despair to the emergence of a person's creative gifts, and most authentic, real, self. She has led many people to recovery and has now authored a book called LORIThe Disintegration of My Ordinary Reality, a memoir.



Over the last 10 years, Retired Marine Justin Blazejewski, also known as "Blaze" has served as a communication engineer with a total of 40+ temporary duty assignments. Prior to that he served in the Marine Corps and had sustained a back injury. Yoga helped ease the physical, mental and emotional burdens that evolved from traveling in and out of war zones for more than a decade. Soon after his first Yoga class, he dove into a daily practice, and his back pain disappeared within two short weeks. Justin was in his 4th year of monthly travel to Afghanistan and Iraq when he devoted himself to his daily practice. He began to find clarity, calmness and intuition in his life. This led him to one of his Gurus in New York City, named Sri Dharma Mittra. He enrolled in their teacher training and went on to graduate his 200-hr, 500-hr and 800-hr teacher trainings, including Acro Yoga, Dharma MIttra Yoga, and the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. This makes Justin one of the most highly trained yoga teachers in the country and world. Justin's mission is to be of service to others by sharing the powerful healing benefits of yoga and meditation. He strives to share yoga with those who need it most in life, especially those who are carrying similar burdens of war, his brothers and sisters of the armed services and veterans. He does so with his 501(c)3 not-for-profit, VETOGA, originally based in D.C. and now branching out to cities nationwide. Justin and his team give the gift of free Yoga Teacher Trainings to military, veterans, and their family members, as a means to ensure the healing of the wounds of war for many years to come.

Blaze contributes to Our Vet Community by sharing nearly an hour of insight with Jo Standing on video footage that is received by MEMBERS of Our Vet Community. Justin is also interviewed by the Department of Veteran's Affairs online podcasts, a respected but non-affiliated organization to Our Vet Community.





 American-born author Jo Standing returned to the USA following almost 10 years of living in Vancouver, Canada, and traveling abroad to Europe, Australia and Asia. She taught wellness and empowerment classes to the public for 8 of the 10 years. Since returning, Jo has been given the blessing of sharing her journeys with Americans through her article and book writing, her speaking, and social media, as well as at The Harvard Faculty Club. She is the praised author of Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back published in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, she wrote the follow-up Conquer Trauma Drama: Breakthrough Curriculum that can be worked through in tandem with the paperback. Jo has had the honor of having her writing featured in USA TODAY, Elephant Journal, and Huff Post, as interviewed by Dr. Felicia Clark. She is a lifelong student and has the honor of studying with doctors who come from a long lineage of holistic studies. Jo began as she is the daughter of a deceased Army man who struggled with the aftereffects of war long after his involvement ended. She prides herself as being a "Daddy's Girl," and wants all daughters to feel safe and loved around their daddies and mommies when they return home from Service. It is because of this that she works to serve veterans during their transition, as they learn to return home to their personal selves again. She also looks back fondly on her visits to Richmond, Virginia to see her late Great Uncle Doug Davis who was a Captain in the U.S. Navy, and an interpreter more than once for the late President John F. Kennedy.

Jo runs Our Vet Community.



Retired Army Major Jeffrey Sargent is currently a Yoga Therapist and Teacher with 20-years of military service, including multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After retiring from the Army in 2009 Jeff worked as a government contractor for five years training military personnel preparing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time Jeff discovered yoga and immediately recognized the potential physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. It has had tremendous impact on his life including helping him with his own battles with military service related PTSD and a 30 year struggle with eating disorders. Jeff is finishing up a Master of Science degree in Yoga Therapy and is passionate about softening hearts and uplifting lives.

To learn more about Jeff and how yoga has helped heal his emotional wounds of war, Click HERE to see his AARP VIDEO interview or feel free to visit him on FACEBOOK. In an almost 1-hour long video with Jo Standing and Our Vet Community, Jeffrey discusses the triggers that people experience post-deployment upon returning home and how to deal with them. All members receive this and more than 25+ other videos upon signing up for an Our Vet Community membership.


Candy Sugarman is a former non-gunner. She didn't pick up a gun with the intent of learning to shoot until she was 39 years old. In 2009, her husband, a retired Army service member, saw an ad for the NRA Women's Wilderness Escape, a 10-day shooting experience. It was nothing short of transformational. In the company of women, she learned about newfound camaraderie, pushing past fear, the safe handling of firearms, and that women who shoot are as diverse as they are a fabulous bunch! After she came home to North Carolina, with only 10-days of shooting experience under her belt, she started Gun Powder Gals, a women's only shooting group. They currently have over 400 members in the Greater Raleigh area, consisting of women of all ages, backgrounds, and experience. Together, they learn about safe gun handling, and from there continue to increase firearm skills once they've gotten down the basics. Candy has hosted a Feminine & Fierce: Women's Self-Protection Seminar, various shooting clinics, and authored a book, " The Girl Next Door: The Unexpected Gun Owner."  Candy empowers military spouses or partners to move beyond the fear of learning about guns, by sharing her own story. Visit her on her Facebook Gun Powder Gals page! 


Alex Montoya is an award-winning author and international speaker based in San Diego, California and originally born in Medellin, Colombia. As the owner of A-MOtivational Communications, Alex delivers presentations to businesses and schools, including Harvard, as well as at nationwide conferences, churches, and more. Alex speaks to Jo Standing and Our Vet Community about overcoming obstacles and succeeding in business, education, and in service.  Alex  has had the experience of being a triple amputee from birth, and successfully blends emotion and humorous anecdotes into his educational talks. Alex’s three books include Swinging for the Fences (2008), The Finish Line (2012) and See the Good (2016). He also just published his first fiction, Wolfpack. He has appeared in the films Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report, as well as on the television series Pitch. Alex earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame and a Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco. Watch Alex's Video HERE produced by Kern Golden Empire to learn more about his journey to inner wealth and wisdom.




 Galit Goldfarb teaches our vet community which foods lift us up, heal, and reduce the brain's addiction to anxiety and depression. Food is an integral part of healing our bodies, minds, and spirits, especially when facing extreme hardships such as overcoming and managing the stress of Big-T trauma and PTSD.  She includes the gift of, 'The 9 Lifestyle Changes That Support PTSD Healing.' to members of our personal online community whether you join for 1-month, 6-months or 1-year. Galit is widely-noticed for her extensive research, online programs and multiple books written on the subject of regaining your health through changing your diet. Galit has been honored to speak on the TEDx Wilmington stage and her tips can help you stay in shape when your home in between deployments!



Mari Miyoshi is a graduate of Quinnipiac University, a healer, coach, and a self-proclaimed guinea pig of techniques that evolve the human body, mind and spirit, and most currently a devotee of the potential of brain integration. She believes that the brain is the next frontier to changing habits and moving beyond them to create a life of joy, purpose and connection. She is honored to be able to study with many teachers at the forefront of the field as well as work with clients who are the teachers who really bring the research to life. Mari has been interviewed to speak about her work more than once on Empire Now Radio - a New York City broadcast station.  Mari shares her easy brain integration tips, learned by children and adults, that can be done anywhere. Mari filmed with Jo Standing in NYC to create this gift of insight for members of our community.


Stephanie Gunning, a New York City resident, is a health writer, author, and editor of numerous books on complementary and alternative medicine, new thought, and personal development. Her books include Essentially Happy, Total Renewal, Home Sanctuaries, and Easy HomeopathyStephanie is a former senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell and associate editor at HarperCollins Publishers. She has collaborated on books with numerous New York Times and national bestselling authors.Stephanie knows firsthand that Essential Oils help to improve people's quality of life, and increase human productivity levels. In fact, they have even helped her transcend her own life trauma. When you become a member you receive Stephanie's tips with Jo, filmed beside Central Park, to help lower anxiety, possibly relieve depression, and normalize your sleep cycles post-deployments.


Anne Steffen-Russo is an internationally known alternative therapist, medical intuitive, channel, psychic, healer, author, and respected philosopher. She was welcomed as an honored guest on 88.3 FM radio in Cincinnati, Ohio. In her community, she educates through her group seminars as well as in her private sessions. Anne lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and 3 children. Anne is the author of Answers For Sensitive People with her husband, Eric Russo. When you become a member of our vet community, you receive Anne's videos filmed with Jo in 2016 and 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Anne helps to guide you to reach beyond the limitation of the moment, and master your energy self, by learning how to raise and balance your energy so you know what to do when you feel overwhelmed.



Cat Dols inspires girls and women to own their uniqueness and to connect to themselves in healthy ways. Cat began healing her Big-T trauma some 20-years ago. In her life, she is a proud woman, mother, and author. Cat has embarked on such remarkable journeys as traveling the world, raising her 4 children, and owning and operating her very own company in Wisconsin. She was recently featured on the Ed Tyll Nationwide Radio Show.

All Members receive (2) free chapters of Cat's book. You may read it as a member or gift it to your female loved ones in your life.


Christy Frazier has been teaching advanced learning children for over sixteen years as well as college courses. She has aired on the Washington, DC based radio show, The Maggie Linton Show, as well as on the Ed Tyll show based out of New York three times, and been a guest on the Total Education Network. Christy presently resides in Utah with her husband, 2 kids, 2.5 cats, and a vegetarian yellow lab dog.

Christy has gifted all members of our vet community a free section of her book that teaches both kids and "the kid within adults" about the "8 Areas of Smart." As a member, you may apply what she shares and you can use it to bond with your kids to help them learn, grow, and thrive in their lives.




Luc Goulet's mission is helping people help themselves. He knows how amazing the transformation process is to access and ignite your unlimited potential!  Luc's been called a Game Changer and  a Mobilizer of Good, a Visionary, and a Thought Leader. Luc is the author of  The Big Bang Projectas well as the leader of the Leverage Your Mind Live Event.

Luc gives members of our vet community free access to his book, The Positive Thinker's Handbook. Also, in a video interview with Jo, he highlights how to go from 0-to-100 by mobilizing your life plan!


Julie Christopher is the Founder & Creator of a company called Biztuition aka business intuition. She is a successful business coach, Best-Selling Author and a Speaker. Her right brain and soul purpose gets freedom of expression as a singer, songwriter, Reiki master, and yoga therapist.

Julie shares her resilience tips in a video conference with Jo that members receive upon joining. She plays the guitar for us, too!


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